Howard T

Howard, Stemtech, Prospecting Mastery Graduate

My projections for this year have all been
surpassed, and my 2010 income after expenses
will be well over $1,000,000. I'm glad I had the best
teacher on the Internet.

Howard T

Cheryl, Boot Camp Graduate

I love Max's progam, because it is what I need.
It fits me like a glove


Gina, Herbalife, Prospecting Mastery Graduate

Endless Free Leads 2.0 Video Training Program is our introduction the Social Networking Mastery. Through a series of video on demand I teach you how you can have Endless Free Leads using popular Social Networking sites. I teach you the fundamentals of making initial contact, how to qualify, and how to close the sale.

Larry Ward

Larry Ward, Herbalife Top Distributor

Max you have always, always stayed on the leading edge of technology.

Gary W

Gary, Tahitian Noni, Endless Free Leads Student

Your course is worth millions to me. When I started working with you on the Internet, I had 2 customers. Twelve weeks later, I had over 1900 customers and earned $64,000. I couldn't have done this without you. Thanks for showing me the way.

Theresa M

Theresa, Endless Free Leads Student

I already have my first customer after only the second session.

Joyce and Steve

Joyce & Steve, Reliv, Prospecting Mastery Graduate

This is so much fun. It's great. I love this.
I absolutely l love this. I see this as not only
increasing the business, but the personal growth
for all of us.

Rick B

Rick, Prospecting Mastery Graduate

I'm so thankful I found this. I'll never buy a lead again. What a deal on this compared to buying leads.

John K

John, Neways, Prospecting Mastery Graduate

Six months after taking your course I was the top manager in the company.


David, USANA, Prospecting Mastery Graduate

I was on the verge of quitting, now I have 4 new customers and my very first distributor ... For the past eight months I was struggling to try to advance myself. I was on the verge of walking away, just giving up...I had gone through company-promoted training and that was all good stuff but it wasn't working for me. In the past two weeks since I've gone through Max's Internet Prospecting Mastery Course, I've added four new preferred customers and one business associate. And all of these folks have called me. I have yet to call a person. I would absolutely recommend these classes to anybody who is serious about doing the business. If you want to increase your customer base, increase your  associates in your organization, it's necessary - you need this. I'm actually thankful that I've had this opportunity to learn from Max because now I see my dream coming true and that's what this is all about.


Jay Morton

Jay Morton, Top Earner, Escape International

I personally believe this will be one of the most phenomenal prospecting solutions that you've ever witnessed and that's why we're rolling this out to the entire company.

Hilton Johnson

Hilton Johnson, Founder of MLMU

I haven't seen anything since the Internet has even come out, remotely close to what this man has developed. Everyone needs to have his program. If you want to build a business, I can't think of a more creative way to do this and a more sure-fire way to do this than getting Max Steingart's program.

Take a moment and read what just a few of the most respected authorities in the network marketing industry say about my system...
Dr. Joe Rubino, Author of "10 Weeks to
Network Marketing Success"
Dr. Joe Rubino

I am a strong believer in the power of effective systems and Max's system of building via the internet is the most complete road map available for anyone wishing to build rapport with strangers and turn them into friends and business partners.

John Milton Fog, Author of
"The Greatest Networker"
John Milton Fog

Max Steingart has the best answer I've ever seen! That's why I say "I LOVE Max." His approach is easy, anybody can do it. It works! Thousands of people are proving that right now as you read this.

Jack Zufelt, Author of
"The DNA of Success"
Jack Zufelt

Networking is now mainstream on a worldwide basis, but only Max makes it fun and easy. His Internet course should be required for everyone in sales or anyone looking for new customers. That covers just about every business and sales person on the planet.

Margie Aliprandi, Top Distributor
Margie Aliprandi

Hey Max, I'm so glad to hear about the work you're doing with members of our team. I know a lot of them are very excited about the results they're getting - nothing speaks quite as loudly as building big volume. Keep me in the loop! I appreciate knowing you and love any opportunity to work together.

Burke Hedges, Author of "Who Stole the
American Dream"
Burke Hedges

Max, your program is the most comprehensive, foolproof prospecting training system ever developed. I predict it will take the network marketing industry to a whole new level of growth and prosperity.

Doug Firebaugh, CEO of PowerFire
Training Group
Doug Firebaugh

Max Steingart is the master trainer of prospecting and recruiting on the Internet. Max has a recruiting training series that is unlike any other in the history of my business.

Bob Burg, Author of
"Endless Referrals"
Bob Burg

If you've ever wondered how you could use the Internet as a powerful prospecting tool, Max Steingart can help you. Be prepared to have your paradigm changed. Max takes you through his system step by step with plenty of real world examples along the way.

Jan Ruhe, International Network
Marketing/Sales Trainer
Jan Ruhe

If you want to use the Internet more effectively to fire up your business Max is a great source. The information Max provides can be put to immediate use and produce amazing results. Thanks Max for paving the way for all of us to be pioneers in this new day of technology.

Brent Bryson, Top Distributor
Brent Bryson

Max, I haven't seen anything that will impact my industry like your training's since the introduction of video tapes back in 1988. I want everyone in my 80,000 plus organization to hear them. I've never recommended any generic training program that was developed outside my company until now.


Put one thousand people in my business...Max, You helped me put over one thousand people into my business over the Internet in four months and quit my job at the post office. Thanks for making it possible for me to shine.

—Cythia L., Prospecting Mastery Graduate

My first distributor ever and class isn't even over yet...OMG!!!!!! I've signed someone into my business AND also have someone purchasing my products monthly on a recurring schedule!!!!! All this just tonight!!! And the class is just half way through!!! Thank you for your trainings! I also wanted to let you know that last night I signed someone into my opportunity ....I used your method/technique. If I could meet you I'd give you a hug! BTW, that was the first person I have been able to sponsor, EVER! It was directly due to your training. I will recommend your classes to anyone!

—David C., Prospecting Mastery Graduate

I have truly found a gold mine in your traing...Hi Max, Since I received your training two months ago I've exposed more people to my business opportunity in the last two months than I have in the last two years! I made contact with one individual who has referred three people to me, all three have joined my business opportunity, and over the last 30 days, they have been my three top producers! I have truly found a gold mine in your training. Sincerely,

—Mike H., Prospecting Mastery Graduate

Your training works online and offline...I signed up my very first distributor from the Internet as a result of working with you. Then, when a woman walked into my store to pick up a belt for her vacuum cleaner, I asked her the same questions you taught me to ask online and ended up with a new customer in my networking business. I can't thank you enough for what you've taught me to do online AND OFFLINE.

—Brian, R., Prospecting Mastery Graduate

I am so grateful I found your trainings...I thought your webinars on Thursday were fantastic. Its amazing that the top guys in our business still only teach old methods of lead generation, flyers, cards, 3ft rule etc, etc, but none of them have hit the top spot yet. I really do believe by implementing your methods that I could be the first to do that. I do believe that when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear and I am so grateful that you have appeared.

—John H., Prospecting Mastery Graduate

I can't believe I met my favorite author...Hi Max, i've been conversing with John Milton Fogg for the last couple of days, the author of The Greatest Networker. i cannot believe i am talking with THEE John Fogg. Your method for prospecting is the best. I really mean it... I feel that I connect with people on a very personal level. it's no longer 'the numbers game' instead it's the people "game" I am having so much fun doing this because.. it's no longer a job. like calling leads or bothering your friends. Make a list, and remake a list, etc never worked right for me. I like what you have
taught me.

—Marcin, Prospecting Mastery Graduate