Who do Network Marketers and Million Dollar Entrepreneurs turn to for help with their business?
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Let me take you under my wing in my Personal Coaching Program!

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If you take your profits seriously enough, the best use of your time and energy will be those precious opportunities you have to learn about social network marketing and master my proven process that will have you making sales on a daily basis.

That means doing everything you can to receive 6 to 7 hours of invaluable training, all delivered by me, personally, in private sessions.

With me at your side I will literally show you how you can easily add people to your business every day in only 50 minutes. Many of my students have used my system to grow their businesses from one or two customers to thousands in just a few months-- some in just weeks!

With my PROVEN virtual, visual format you will slash your learning time in half, with 6 high intensity, full throttle one on one, private coaching sessions that will have you prospecting more powerful than a locomotive so you'll be growing your online business faster than a speeding bullet.

You'll get the process down to a science. In this high-intensity, but incredibly simple virtual format, you’ll learn faster than you could ever learn before, with the end result being explosive business growth like you never imagined.

Finally! No More False Hope...

No More Hype...

No More Wasted Home Study Courses...

And No More "Gurus"...

It's about time someone taught you the REAL STRATEGIES and SIMPLE TACTICS that can boost your prospecting efforts and EXPLODE your business right now. It's simple...once you know the system.

What would your life be like if you could add one new distributor, customer or client to your business every day in only 50 minutes?

Let’s cut to the chase right here and now. You’re busy, and I’m just way too excited about this to beat around the bush, so let’s get right to it. Meat and potatoes.

Ready? The social online tutorial system that can have you adding one new customer, client or distributor to your business every day in only 50 minutes.

Now I know what you're probably thinking... you've heard of other systems or formulas before or used somebody's cookie-cutter approach to prospecting but you're still spinning your wheels and getting nowhere in your recruiting.

NO MORE... I want to take you from stalled
to soaring in your business!

In fact, I’ve become the ‘Secret Weapon’ of some of the most successful people in your business.

During our time together I plan on sharing insights, one after another, that will probably blow you away because so many of them fly in the face of conventional wisdom. Every person who I've ever coached personally got a whole lot more out of it than they ever expected.

I will provide you with the working blueprint I have developed over the course of a lifetime - to make money using the power of relationships, attraction marketing, and social networking sites like Facebook.

I will show you how to tap into a virtual goldmine of prospects and walk away with the confidence of knowing money will never be an issue again.

If there's any shortcut to success this intensive personal coaching opportunity with me is definitely it.

But most of all, you'll receive more solid, usable, unforgettable, and practical marketing wisdom than your competitors will ever have. My reputation for developing million dollar income earners is legendary.

We'll explode myths you may have been believing, investigate new avenues that are still unknown to most business owners, and delve into the secrets of network marketing and direct sales, many of which have created millionaires and a fair share of billionaires.

My online social networking system is rapidly becoming mainstream marketing for network marketers all around the world and those who don't know about it are suffering.

It doesn't matter if you're a
Sales Superstar or a Marketing Novice
Please take a moment and read what just a few of the most respected authorities in the network marketing industry say about my system...


and the list goes on...

Now, when some of the most respected big names in an industry like the ones listed above highly recommend a program, it's a sure bet it's worth the investment, isn't it?

There are two kinds of businesses -- growing and dying, there are also two kinds of business owners -- constantly learning and hopelessly clueless.

The NEW FORMAT for Personal One on One Coaching puts you on the fast track for adding people to your business every day and achieving success in your business most people only dream about.

You have to see it....to believe that you can do it too!

Just imagine what a rapid, vertical learning curve would do for your business. What would it to be like to add one new client, customer or distributor to your business every day 5-10 in only 50 minutes? How would that affect your confidence, your peace of mind and, perhaps most of all, your monthly income?

What would you do with the extra money? Save for college for your kids? Get a nice high definition TV, expand your house, go on a nice island vacation or plan for a cushy retirement?

When you know what I know, with my PROVEN, high speed, concentrated training method, you’ll be able to realistically plan for these life events faster than ever.

How is it so fast? Because during every one of our One On One sessions you will have the opportunity to actually SEE how I do things! Watch on your computer as I take you step by step through the entire online process and then witness my secrets on identifying the best people from the millions out there.

You'll learn how to approach people with confidence, make friends with them, win their trust and get them to ask you about your business—all live before your very eyes!

During our PRIVATE SESSIONS, you'll log into PRIVATE WEBINARS where you'll see everything on my screen as I step you through my proven system that is helping so many people.

Then I'll LOG INTO your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts as you watch me demonstrate how easy it is to make a sale on a daily basis.

  • TOGETHER we'll search for perfect prospects.
  • TOGETHER we'll answer your emails and SEPARATE the serious prospects from the duds.
  • TOGETHER we'll deal with your online friends that contact you while we're still connected. I'll even CHAT with your prospects as you watch me follow the simple scripts.

Since everything is done while logged into your accounts, you'll have a record of everything we do and a clear blue-print of what to do.

This is an exclusive opportunity to learn directly from one of the foremost "movers and shakers" of our time.

During these most intimate telephone and visually stimulating coaching sessions, I will personally guide you through experiences that will teach you the skills and strategies you need to create your most fulfilling sales goals and reveal the truth about why you do what you do when selling.

By actually seeing what I’m doing on my computer, it’s like you’re the apprentice, looking over the shoulder of a master craftsman, or the surgical intern watching the famous doctor perform brain surgery.

You’ll learn by watching, from the comfort of your home or office, then you’ll repeat it for yourself under my watchful eye, until you’re ready to go solo.

Then I’ll critique your activities and continue to give you sage advice throughout the process until you’re as confident as the most seasoned professionals in the industry.

As soon as you register, my assistant will schedule our 6 private coaching sessions, where I will reveal and visually walk you through the most complete, up-to-date Internet prospecting system ever seen.

Maybe you're wondering why I just don't open it up to as many as I can...

...it's because I only have time to do this with 30 people in a private personal way that they can't help but succeed (more about that later.)

So, I'm going to have to limit the number of people I'm going to invest my time, effort, and energy into...

This course is not like any other "tele-class" or "tele-coaching" you've ever participated in...

There's no one else but me teaching - you get me, the "Father of Social Networking" personally teaching you.

This will be laser focused on Internet prospecting; if success in real estate is driven by location, location, location... then success in your business is driven by prospecting, prospecting, prospecting.

This course will just be ME teaching YOU over the 6 hours of very intense and concentrated training sessions.

"Only Max makes network marketing fun and easy. His Internet course should be required for everyone in sales or anyone looking for new customers. That's just about every business and sales person on the planet."

Jack Zufelt
Author of 'The DNA of Success'

"Max, your program is the most comprehensive, foolproof prospecting training system ever developed. I predict it will take the network marketing industry to a whole new level of growth and prosperity."

Burke Hedges
Author of 'Who Stole the American Dream'

"Max Steingart is by far the master trainer of prospecting and recruiting on the Internet. Max has a recruiting training series that is hands down unlike any other in the history of my business."

Doug Firebaugh
CEO of PowerFire Training Group

"If you've wondered how you could use the Internet as a powerful prospecting tool, Max Steingart can help you. Max takes you through his system step by step with plenty of real world examples along the way."

Bob Burg
Author of 'Endless Referrals'

And the icing on the cake: the new webinar format will rocket your progress faster and farther than anything I’ve ever done.

You'll also have additional opportunities each week to call in for instructions, technical assistance and guidance, so you’re never in the dark and you’ll always have a rock solid support structure behind you.

But this is only a small part of what we will cover in YOUR exclusive "Private Coaching".

I'll critique your online prospecting conversations and explain exactly what you should do to insure your best results.

You can be sure that when each session is over, you'll be able to immediately go out and apply what you've learned.

The bottom line...you'll complete the six hours with everything you need to become a "Prospecting Master." Equipped to prospect and recruit successfully unlike ever before. No matter what your business is, rest assured there are thousands of people out there waiting to hear from you.

The number of people I work with at this level in understandably limited. Still, I've cut the price by 30% for you -- from $3,000 to $2000, and I've made it simple to afford by letting you make two or three payments.

To insure your success I'm also going to sweeten the pot from my Personal Coaching Program where I offer SIX ONE-HOUR sessions of ONE-ON-ONE time with me, by adding EXTRA TIME, and EXTRA Benefits in addition to REDUCING the price.


NOW...That I got your attention, Listen up. You need to pay attention to this very carefully because I can't imagine this is going to happen again any time soon: I have opened up a VERY limited number of places on my coaching program, and I'm offering a very VERY special deal to a few lucky SERIOUS network marketers who apply and are accepted for one-on-one coaching TODAY...

If you're one of them, then YOU will get my NEXT Boot Camp -- -- absolutely FREE.

Let me say that again: if you're accepted for my one-on-one coaching program, you can attend the next brand New Boot Camp for FREE -- that's an additional value of $597.

You will learn the exact type of information that your network of friends want and crave. They are looking for it right now and you can become the center piece of your own powerful network.

Order Now

* Due to the limited amount of coaching students Max can work with at one time, coaching sales are final within five days of purchase.*


Here's the deal...

  • I work with 20 people each month
  • This is personal visual webinar coaching - just you and me
  • The number of sessions is determined by the payment plan you select
  • You can make a single payment of $2000 or two or three payments of $1070 or $725 each
  • You have to be serious about growing your business and determined to become a leader in your company

Consider this carefully. Don't sign up and take one of these few available spots if you're not serious and committed.

If you're ready to go for the next level however, sign up today because space is limited.

ninjaThis is an absolute bargain, given what I charge for one hour of personal one-on-one consulting ($500/hour)

However, I've made it easier for you if you need to be able to have payment plan options. What I'm going to do for you if you need it, is to allow you to have a TWO or THREE PAYMENT OPTION... as low as $725. for each payment. The payments will automatically be billed to your credit card in 30 day intervals.

Remember... The one-on-one personal high-interaction private coaching sessions with me will make a difference in your life and your business.

No distractions from a room filled with 100, 300, or 500 people. No limitations on asking the questions you want because too many people are ahead of you. No "pitchmen" trying to sell you their wares from the stage.

None of those obstacles to learning and applying the system that will turn you into... a "Prospecting Ninja."

Order Now

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* Due to the limited amount of coaching students Max can work with at one time, coaching sales are final within five days of purchase.*


Let’s Recap What You Will Receive:


If you’re serious about your business then don’t wait another minute. You should want success bad enough that you’ll take action, participate in these private sessions and watch your prospecting results change overnight.

Register now… each and every day you wait, you’re more likely to attempt to register and find that your opportunity has passed.

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* Due to the limited amount of coaching students Max can work with at one time, coaching sales are final within five days of purchase.*


Whatever you do, don't put it off. Take control of how profitable your business can be... starting today!

I look forward to working with you and helping you take your business to heights you never dreamed possible.


Warmest Regards,
Max Steingart
"The Father of Social Networking"


If you wait, you run the risk of missing out on one of the most cutting edge training tools in the history of online prospecting. Don't let that happen. While it's fresh in your mind, place your order now and be in an elite group of intelligent entrepreneurs who want to see what I do, LIVE and are using it to take their business to the next level.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Dear Friend,

My name is Max Steingart, and I've been training network marketers how to use the internet to build their business longer than anyone else out there. I've been affectionately called the "Father of Social Networking" by millions of people around the world. Hundreds of thousands of networkers and home based business owners have been using my systems for over 12 years.

In fact, for more than 30 years I've made my living by helping others use computers to make the right connections.

In the mid 80s, my computer systems were putting so many buyers and sellers of luxury yachts, cars, homes, and businesses together that my company made the Inc. 500 list.

My business innovations earned me accolades from former United States Presidents. In 1989, INC Magazine named me their "The Success Story of the Year".

In the 90s, I was recruited into the network marketing industry. I tried ALL the traditional industry recruiting methods including, but not limited to, going to my friends, buying leads and advertising.

I quickly discovered how easy it is to spend as much, if not more, each month than you make.

So, how did I cut expenses and speed up the recruiting process? Easy, here's how:
I went online.

And through trial and error, I developed my system that takes advantage of the free social networks and easy-to-use technology that's out there to grow a business with thousands of people. Once people in my company became aware of my system that creates rejection free success, I was asked to share it with others and I've been doing it ever since. When my company was sold and people left to join other companies, my system began to spread virally through the industry. And that's what I'm making available to you.