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>>>December 8th<<<

Boost Your Business Virtually
Overnight With LIVE Training.

Let My Simple And Proven Million Dollar Social Media Recruiting Formula Help You Build Your Business In Just Minutes A Day With Me To Guide You Personally During 7 LIVE Boot Camp Sessions.
Many Participants Report Making Sales Within 24 Hours Of Our First Session.

Tap Into Both Facebook and LinkedIn! Connect With Perfect Prospects And Sell Them Something Every Day - without Headaches, Hassles or Rejection...GUARANTEED!

Also included: - Sections from my New 'Social Networking Scripts Book' with fun filled stress-free ways to obtain more business than you can handle, even if you hate marketing and selling.

Included are over 100 field-tested techniques to cultivating lifetime customers.

From a growing international pool of over 2.2 BILLION people to choose from, you'll learn how to network with the people who need and want what you're selling.

You'll learn where to find them, how to INSTANTLY connect with them.

Then, I'll give you PROVEN SCRIPTS to qualify everyone and close them on a daily basis.

Now is your chance to build the business of your dreams - no matter what you're selling - without a blog, auto responder or web page.

With Lots of Bonuses

Learn how to QUADRUPLE your recruiting and closing ratios by making a simple change in the way you think, talk, and act. Literally change this one thing and the profits will come! My newest niche marketing secrets for Facebook will allow you to recruit droves of realtors, mortgage brokers, bankers, doctors, personal trainers, professional trainers and other "gems" just by following my new simple scripts! Learn a simple, yet surefire way to get highly qualified prospects to ask you about your business. Closing the deal has never been this easy!

In this 6 Hour Live Boot Camp Training Series you will learn:

  1. How to bring your existing friends and warm market contacts into your business after the first session.
  2. You will learn the secrets to building INSTANT RELATIONSHIPS with total strangers, as well as how to build a powerful network of loyal, appreciative new customers that will help you accomplish your goals each and every day.
  3. You'll learn how to position yourself as a 'problem solver' as opposed to a pushy sales person.
  4. You'll learn the few simple daily actions you need to take to “warm up” your audience and easily recruit friends and total strangers.

What you'll learn in this Boot Camp can help you double your business in the next 90 days!

If Facebook has ever suspended your privileges to contact strangers, you must participate! It will never happen again after learning the required tools in this Boot Camp.

Here are the 10 Reasons you want to attend my Boot Camp:

  1. You want my live personal guidance to help you double your sales in the next 90 days.
  2. You want to leap from part-time to full time.
  3. You want to master my proven create - connect - communicate - close - system faster.
  4. You want me to help tweak your Facebook and LinkedIn pages to make them irresistible.
  5. You want help connecting with perfect prospects for your business.
  6. You never want to be suspended by Facebook for contacting strangers again.
  7. You want help communicating and qualifying your prospects so you're talking to fewer people yet closing more sales.
  8. You want to have more conversations that end in a sale.
  9. You want to make sales every day.
  10. You want to increase your business.

During this Boot Camp, I'll work with you personally and help you bring your existing friends and perfect strangers into your business on Facebook and LinkedIn faster without being suspended for contacting strangers.

As a Boot Camp participant I will personally:

  1. Help you with your Facebook and LinkedIn pages and personal branding until you are so irresistible that every stranger you reach out to will accept your friend request.
  2. Answer all of your questions during 12 weekly live webinars in addition to the 6 Boot Camp sessions. (Total time: 42 hours ).
  3. Help you bring your existing friends into your business as customers or business builders.
  4. Help you connect with perfect prospects for your business faster and avoid being suspended by Facebook for contacting strangers.
  5. Help you increase the number of people you talk to on a daily basis.
  6. Help you make more sales.
  7. Help you break through your road blocks. (ie: fear of rejection, fear of talking to people, fear of talking to successful people)

Other extraordinary techniques you'll learn:

  1. How to find highly qualified prospects in less than an hour a day and bring them into your business.
  2. How to bring unhappy network marketers with huge followings into your business.
  3. How to connect with new customers in less than an hour and make a sale every day.
  4. How to easily qualify a person as a prospect so they don’t even know they’ve been prospected!
  5. How to recruit people who are more successful than you.
  6. How to use Facebook to generate MASSIVE income in just an hour a day.
  7. How to prejudge people with amazing accuracy.
  8. How to eliminate the fear of rejection whenever you talk to anyone.
  9. How to cash in by tapping into millions of eager- and business-savvy people who are hungry for a real income opportunity.
  10. How to harness the power of target marketing to people who already possess the talent, drive and skills to succeed in your network marketing business.
  11. The top SEVEN most common mistakes people are making using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  12. The top FOUR ways people are generating leads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  13. Exact daily Facebook duplicative processes (a) for you and (b) to delegate to your assistant for maximum results – and how to manage the process in under an hour a day
  14. Why Facebook and LinkedIn is changing marketing forever and why you’re losing out if you don’t utilize it.
  15. Free tools to make it easier than ever before to add people to your business with minimal effort; brief videos demonstrate how to use them.
  16. The secrets to creating the best Facebook pages in order to draw a constant flow of people to you so you won’t have to chase anyone.
  17. How “unhappy network marketers” can help your business: how to find them and capture their attention to bring them into your business.
  18. Actual online scripts and case studies of the BEST and WORST examples of online networking.
  19. How to position yourself, think and talk like a professional networker and where you can find people disenchanted with their business, but still interested in making continual residual income.

The 12 questions to ask everyone on Facebook to automatically qualify them as customers And MUCH, MUCH, more.

International Business Building Boot Camp December Schedule
All Live Session Are Recorded & Posted For Your Convenience
Session 1 Thurs. Dec. 8th, 9 PM Eastern Master The Facebook Formula For Immediate Sales
Session 2 Mon. Dec. 12th, 9 PM Eastern Master The LinkedIn Formula For Immediate Sales.
Session 3 Tues. Dec. 13th, 9 PM Eastern Attraction Marketing Strategies That Drive Highly Qualified Prospects To you.
Session 4 Thurs. Dec. 15th, 9 PM Eastern The Secrets To Effective Networking On Facebook And LinkedIn.
Session 5 Mon. Dec. 19th, 9 PM Eastern How LIVE CHAT Will Explode Your Business When You Control Every Conversation.
Session 6 Tues. Dec. 20th, 9 PM Eastern The Secrets Of Million Dollar Earners They Never Share.

Need More Support? - Try To Find This With Someone Else's Program!

Live! Ask Max Priority Sessions
Please allow 15 minutes to Register
Mondays 9 AM 4 PM 10 PM
Tuesdays 9 AM 4 PM 11 PM
Wednesdays 9 AM 4 PM  
Thursday 9 AM 4 PM 11 PM
Friday 9 AM 1 PM  
Saturdays 10:30 AM All Times Are Eastern Standard Time
INCLUDES - 14 'Live Online' Sessions EACH WEEK where Max will answer ALL your Questions, demonstrate solutions that will Save you Time & make you MONEY, review your profiles for Maximum Attraction and review any Conversations with your prospects to help you master these skills.

Now, let's talk about the price...

How much would it be worth to you to have one of network marketing's most successful online recruiters take you by the hand and explain to you exactly how he built a successful Internet distributor network?? It’s the opportunity to literally “sit next to me” in my office, looking at my computer screen and watching me step-by-step, as I meet people online and sign them up into your business?

The cost to fly to South Beach to learn from me in person over a three-week period would cost over $10,000 if you include airfare, transportation, food, lodging and my personal coaching time. Even if I offered something like that - , which I don't - it would be out of reach for most small business owners looking to grow.

So how do I make this affordable? How will you be able to see my computer screen from the comfort of your own home?

fade-leftfade-rightWhen you enroll in my Business Building Boot Camp you'll receive:

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to my Training Center containing short Tutorials that provide the answers to any questions you could possibly have.
  • EASY INSTRUCTIONS on how to watch what I'm doing during LIVE webinars. You'll be able to see what I'm doing right on your computer!

Keep in mind, I will NOT have access to your computer. You will simply be watching me work, showing you everything you need directly on MY computer from the comfort of your home, through the magic of LIVE WEBINAR technology. It's simple, yet very powerful.

My NEW International Business Building Boot Camp is the closest you'll ever come to being right next to me and watching me work my genuine Internet Prospecting Wizardry. The package includes the strategies, the techniques, the how-to's that you can apply to your business, along with Ask Max sessions. I will personally review your page, refine it with you, as well as review the strategies you've applied. I will set you on the right track to earn your income goals.

The GOOD NEWS is that while the information covered is easily worth the $10,000 you'd eagerly pay a consultant, you can participate in this all-encompassing revolutionary 3 week business training course for ONLY $597.

Here's More GOOD NEWS:


You can REGISTER RIGHT NOW with a $200 Scholarship!

Upon registering, you will also have immediate access to my weekly
LIVE Ask Max Support Sessions for one full month.

You can take advantage of full membership privileges for an entire 48 hours. IF for any reason you feel the secrets I reveal aren't everything my students and the most respected names in the industry claim and you're not anxiously awaiting the LIVE Event where I will reveal my most recent business exploding discoveries, you can cancel and receive a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Here's My Personal Risk-Free Guarantee...

Your Business Building Boot Camp is fully guaranteed to perform for you exactly as I represent it –and as well as it has performed for others– or your money back. When you register for the Business Building Boot Camp, you’re given immediate access to my Training Center Website where you will have 48 hours to  watch all the videos and tutorials that relate to the social networks being covered.

If for any reason you don’t feel like you’ve received the value I promised, contact me via support@maxsteingart.com, within 48 hours of your order to request a refund.  Your investment will be returned  in full and you will not be billed further.

WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Special Bonus


"A TOP SECRET STRATEGY" that will have you breaking sales records in your business. This is proprietary information that I usually keep for myself, but I decided to pass it on after all the years it has brought me success. You don't want to miss it. It alone is worth the price of the course!

Let’s Recap What You Will Receive:

  • International Business Building BOOT CAMP - Six (6) one-hour LIVE training sessions that cover in complete detail the new and expanded system and strategies for building your network marketing business through on-line prospecting. This is not theory. This is a real-world applied and proven prospecting system that some of the largest distributor organizations in network marketing use to grow their businesses.
  • NEW Techniques, Scripts and Processes for LinkedIn to help any business person getting started to properly create and use their warm list for Rejection-Free Selling.
  • NEW For Seasoned Pros - Advanced Techniques for Facebook that will revitalize your inactive people by breathing life back into their warm list.
  • One Full Month of Direct Access to me during Live Ask Max Coaching Sessions where you can ask me direct questions on any subject related to your business. You'll be able to see what I'm doing as you watch on your computer. Live and Online, access to me 12 hours a week to demonstrate, educate, motivate and congratulate.