Meet Max Steingart – The Father of Social Networking

If you want to recruit more reps, get more leads, and become a top earner in your company you need to know Max Steingart.

For over two decades, Max Steingart has dedicated his life to discovering the most advanced methods of harnessing the power of social media for every type of business.

Today there are tens of thousands of social media experts promoting their own brand of ‘how- to's’ and ‘systems’. Most of them received their basic training going through one or more of Max’s social media trainings that he has created over the past two decades.

Max’s social media trainings have been the “Secret Weapon” of top income earners in over 200 network marketing companies over the years. He has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs to achieve million dollar incomes in their chosen business.

Since 1995, Max has been a passionate innovator and has devoted his time to researching, studying, understanding and teaching the secrets of prospecting and recruiting on social networks with his FOUR (4) step online relationship building system. He has led the way in providing cutting-edge information, tools and training for all kinds of professionals including: network marketers, affiliate marketers, Internet marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, trainers and aspiring social media gurus looking for new business, clients, customers, distributors or friends on the Internet.

Max has shared the stage with nationally known celebrities, best-selling authors, and professional athletes at large conventions and smaller venues around the world.

Max has spoken on topics including:

  • Prospecting and Recruiting on Social Networks
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Internet Relationship Building
  • Leadership
  • Target Marketing
  • Goal Setting and Attainment

Max has written over 1,000 articles, five books and has produced six audio programs on Social Network Marketing. His articles have been posted on over 11,000 web sites and in dozens of publications. In addition, he’s a contributing writer to many industry publications, a popular faculty member on most of the online Internet training platforms, and has been a guest speaker on numerous radio shows.

The Start Of It All!

In 1995, just as America Online (AOL) was becoming popular, Max immediately recognized the impact that such a potentially large pool of online users reaching out to connect with existing friends and make new ones would have on Network Marketing … and millions of people have benefited ever since.

What's Going On With Max Today!

Today, Max trains multitudes of people on how to effectively market and brand themselves on the most popular social networks and connect and effectively communicate with ideal prospects in order to make sales on a daily basis.

People around the world have benefited from the high energy, impact and humor of his life changing technologies. Max’s ability to simplify and break-down complex concepts into usable tools, coupled with his playful and entertaining style, have made his social network trainings among the most popular available in today’s marketplace..

Long before the term “social network” was ever used and popularized, Max used America Online (AOL) to build a network marketing sales organization of thousands of people in less than two years, becoming a recognized leader in his company. When the company was sold in 1998 to new owners with a different product, he was flooded with requests from market leaders who were seeking to have Max train their team’s of people. Max’s career as a social media expert, trainer, mentor and professional speaker was launched.

Max has been perfecting, refining and simplifying his system for the past several decades, coming up with some of easiest ways to build, grow and expand a network marketing business for everyone from novices to the most seasoned and successful network marketers in the world. His methods have been proven to produce instant results that can be immediately duplicated by anyone that applies them.

His latest home study video series, “Social Networking Scripts Book” and “Endless Free Leads 2017” were released in January 2017.

By following Max's unique time-tested methods you can actually have people contacting you to join your business everyday. Much like a personal counselor, Max teaches you honest and legitimate proven relationship building skills and techniques based on the Laws of Attracting that pays big dividends.

Max's methods turn the entire prospecting, recruiting and selling process of any business into a fun filled activity that you will look forward to everyday. Some say "It's Addicting."

As one of the first educators in the social networking field, Max has affectionately been called ‘The Father of Social Networking’ by thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners. His books, videos, live presentations, webinars and tele-classes have helped countless people in every kind of business to achieve levels of success most people only dream about. Max stays at the forefront of social media by continuously collaborating with the industry’s top leaders and sales trainers, ensuring that his training products are the best currently available.

In 1998, Max first introduced ‘The Perpetual Prospector,’ his first generic audio tape Internet training program for the network marketing industry. Two years later he followed up with ‘Success Online: Network Marketing in the New Millennium’, which became an immediate best seller. Many of Max’s part-time networking subscribers discovered that his Connect, Communicate and Close concepts could also be applied to their regular full time careers as well.

Max’s ‘Shaking Hands on the Internet’ and ‘Success Online: Relationship Marketing in the New Millennium’ CD programs were published in 2002. Max’s most popular book, ‘Make the Internet Your Warm Market’ was published in 2005.

In 2006, Max published his next training program ‘Success Online: Networking in the New Millennium’. It spread quickly and successfully throughout the network marketing industry, making Max’s strategies an integral part of dozens of company’s distributor Internet training

Expanding Internet band width in 2009 enabled Max to develop his ‘Endless Free Leads Home Study Video Series’ and ‘Social Networking Scripts Books’ that have become an essential part of every network marketer’s Internet tool box. The simplicity of his video training format has been hailed and endorsed as an indispensable tool by the top income earners in over 100 companies.

Max continuously monitors the ever-changing social network landscape and releases new programs annually that empower his subscribers to take advantage of changes in the marketplace. As social networks come and go, with networks offering innovative applications, features, and communication tools, Max constantly provides creative new methods, solutions, strategies and scripts that arm his students with a competitive advantage over their competition.

Max has published his free daily motivation series, Your Daily Motivation, since 1997 and has subscribers on every continent. His positive emails have reached and inspired millions of people making them one of the world’s most widely distributed inspirational messages on the Internet. Your Daily Motivation

Max is a passionate innovator throughout his entire life – one who eagerly shares his discoveries with others.

About Max, the early years:

Max grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. His love of boating and sailing guided him to a successful yacht brokerage career after graduating from the University of Arizona. In 1975, long before the Internet existed, he founded The Yacht Exchange, a company that introduced computers and database management to the yacht brokerage industry for the first time, allowing brokers to easily locate the right boats for their clients. Yacht brokers today still use elements of the system he designed and developed.

In 1978, Max expanded his yacht brokerage software to help people buy and sell other big ticket items directly in order to avoid paying high brokerage commissions. In addition to boats and yachts, his database was expanded to include airplanes, exotic automobiles, fine art, thoroughbred horses, and high-end real estate. His company, AdMax, became a multi-million-dollar-a-year INC. 500 publishing business.

Max’s innovative uses of computer and database building created intense media excitement during the ‘Information Age’ days of the 1980’s. South Florida Magazine referred to him as ‘The Mogul of Consumer Databases.’ AT&T called him a visionary of the computer industry. AdMax was the forerunner to Auto Trader Magazines, other For Sale By Owner services and eBay and earned Max accolades from two former United States Presidents. In 1989, INC Magazine named Max their “The Success Story of the Year”.

His social networking programs have been directly responsible for helping people make millions of dollars in network marketing and other businesses.

Other articles about Max followed in prestigious publications including: Inc. Magazine, Profit Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Venture Magazine, The Robb Report, The Wall Street Journal, The Miami Herald, The Ft Lauderdale News and The Broward Review. Among others.

Max retired from database publishing in 1993 and was introduced to Network Marketing and the Direct Sales Industry two years later.

Today, Max lives in South Beach. He’s a highly-quoted author, speaker, and business visionary who has enjoyed playing a pioneering role in the computer industry, the yacht brokerage industry, and the network marketing industry. He works directly with top income earners in network marketing, large and small corporations, sales, as well as established and up—and-coming entrepreneurs in a variety of fields and endeavors.

Max’s on-stage presentations and Webinars have been described as both extremely educational and very entertaining. He presents a series of great ideas and strategies with a rare combination of fact, humor, insights and practical concepts that audience members can apply immediately to their own businesses.

To learn more about Max or have him speak to your company or group call our support staff at 855-971-2019 or email at